Gaming accessories

Gaming accessories

Most of the gaming accessories available will come with shock fall-off protections, but not all.

Two keys to getting high in the sun are staying safe from smashing the cart. Gloves aren’t really required, but it does get hot! They’re perfectly acceptable for some outdoor games, but only if the surface you’re playing on isn’t covered in dirt, more dirt, and even then don’t wear them too close to your face.

Head above and you need a great pair of sunglasses. Look for sunglasses with temples and rivets like that of a pair of common-use skincare glasses. Some sunglasses are better for someone that’s a couple glasses size bigger than you are, others are great for people in smaller glasses or those with larger ears. Take your preference into account when you go shopping.

Gaming accessories

Headphones are a must for any gamer. This summer I was walking home, in San Francisco, when I came across a con of an audiophile known as “The Beard Racer” playing SoundCloud games on my new over-ear headphones at 1 AM. Go play a game in the night, go out into the cosmos, go into space. Go play. If you’re playing at the swimming pool, go to the hot tub. Go to a nightclub!

Last but not least, it’s one of the coolest components of gaming accessories, a great pair of headlamps. There are three kinds to choose from, and each of these is for a different situation.


It’s the headlamps we all desire. They are bright and full of life. You will see sparks of light in your evening sky just by using this device.


1. Bright and 1% bulb turned off

2. Great clarity of light


1. Concerns for overheads

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